Energy Performance Design for a Flexible Program

The architecture of the Blue Ridge Net-Zero Residence prioritizes views of the surrounding mountain panorama through the seasons, universal design, durability, and net-zero energy performance. Energetic targets are met through the application of Passive House design strategies to reduce the home’s total energy consumption and the integration of a photovoltaic system to harvest solar energy. The design of this home was an iterative and highly collaborative process as we worked with the clients to realize their dream home within the parameters of the community’s stringent architectural review board.


Discreet Climate Zones

A priority during the schematic development of this project was the creation of two independently controlled climate zones in the home, as the main floor will be occupied year-round, while the terrace level guest suite is reserved for visiting family.


Accessibility is another primary consideration in this design of this home. Working in partnership with the clients to determine their needs, we designed the home to accommodate wide hallways, extra railings, and ADA-compliant fixtures in the master suite. In addition, the kitchen is laid out to ensure that key storage areas are within reach, while our design for the main entry provides a covered and smooth threshold between the spacious parking area and the front door of the home.

Spaces To Entertain

In order to provide comfortable places to entertain family and friends within a large age range, the residence is outfitted with a variety of indoor and outdoor options. A four-season room provides an outdoor kitchen and dining area that can be open or closed depending on the weather, while a large deck and ground-level patio give access to the back yard. Indoors, an open-plan Great Room creates a comforting space for relaxation and conversation around the fireplace, while a Bierkeller and game room in the guest suite provide activity-specific areas to congregate.