Transforming a Ranch

A two-part renovation/addition project that transformed a leaky and dark 1980s ranch house into a living space that is light, airy, and energy productive. Material finishes and details balance minimalism, economy, and sustainability to establish a healthy, warm, and serene environment. Designed to meet Passive House certification criteria, the envelope is optimized to minimize air infiltration, enhance thermal performance, and eliminate thermal bridging while allowing water vapor diffusion. The resulting architecture resists condensation, mold, and thermal spikes, resulting in durability, thermal comfort, and healthy indoor air.



A complete renovation of the studio with its office, media room, and supporting spaces was the first phase in this comprehensive architectural upgrade.  Also addressed at this stage were the basement and its garage, mechanical and plumbing systems, connectivity between the exterior and upper floor, and the durability and energy performance of the building envelope. 

Contractor: Jobes Builders

Lighting: Mark Schuyler Lighting Design


The second phase addressed the existing first floor plan and its envelope and expanded to a second floor. In addition to envelope enhancements consistent with the first phase, such as dramatic energy performance and durability upgrades, the design created connectivity between indoor and outdoor spaces and improved spatial relationships and views throughout the home. Finally, finishes and details that embraced a spirit of simplicity and economy while creating an atmosphere of warmth and serenity completed the transformation. 

Contractor: Promethean Homes

Lighting: Mark Schuyler Lighting Design